Gangs of New York

Old New York had been built around it with the precise craftsmanship of Italian set builders.

Off the Waterfront Photo ©Icarus Blake

We were shooting an Italian actor that was working in one of the Cinecittà studios once used by Fellini. As often in Rome, everybody was a few hours late. I had, of course, threatened my Italian crew and managed to be uselessly on time. I’d had enough of getting all those “what an idiot” looks, and decided to wander around. That’s when I found the old set of Scorsese’s “Gangs of New York”. The football field size pool that was once filled with water to mimic the harbor was empty and full of vegetation. Old New York had been built around it with the precise craftsmanship of Italian set builders. It was all falling apart. It was decadent and sad. I asked a local employee why they would not maintain it and show it to visitors. He looked at me as if I was crazy. Not far, also stood the magnificent set of HBO’s Rome, also destined to be reclaimed by nature’s elements. What a pity. It’s the movies, I guess. Shot with a Canon DS Mark something.

Old New York Photo ©Icarus Blake

Dead Rabbits Photo ©Icarus Blake


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Max Henderson/Ten Taxi Drivers

Max Henderson is a doctoral student in physics at Drexel University. Originally from Coatesville, Pennsylvania, he researches neural networks and quantum computation when he’s not too busy watching “Adventure Time”. His poems are about making mistakes while drinking a good, dark beer. He has previously been published in Black Heart Magazine. You can email him at

Viola Yesiltac/The Rainbow Sponge is All We Need.

Viola Yesiltac was born in Hannover, Germany.  She is a New York based artist who has  exhibited her work internationally. Some of her selected exhibitions and performances include:

2012 Scharfstellen was Autofokus war, Balice Hertling & Lewis, NYC
2012 I Really Must Congratulate You on Your Attention to Detail, Cooper Gallery,
2013 It’s over there, Simone Subal Gallery, NYC
2012 The Imminence of Poetics, 30th São Paulo Biennial, São Paulo (P)
2012 Kempinski Arts Programm Shanghai, China
2008 Sommerakademie, Zentrum Pau Klee Bern, Switzerland

Kerstin Brätsch/The Rainbow Sponge is All We Need.

Kerstin Brätsch lives and works in New York City and Berlin. In 2007, she found DAS INSTITUT, a collaborative project exhibited around the globe.  After winning the Fulbright grants in 2006, she started an incredible career that brought her art work to the most important institutions world wide like the Moca in LA and the Fukushima Biennial in Japan, as well as, in the best galleries of the contemporary art circuit like, among others, Harris Lieberman Gallery or Gavin Brown Gallery in New York

Vico LaCava /The Matador who Cooked me Mickey Mouse Shaped Pancakes

Vico does things for the story. This was good that one time, when she walked the red carpet in sparkly stilettos with her ten closest friends to the premier of her first feature film. It was not so good that other time, when she walked alone down the concrete corridor of cell block 3 in a dirty pea coat and dripping mascara.

Muriel Attias/Rubber and Bone

Born in Munich, Germany, and raised between Turin, Paris, and New York with a multicultural background, I developed my uncommon sense of style and incessant research for the unusual. Living in London only enhanced my personal taste and enriched my bizarre way of combining common clothes with uncommon objects.

“Soulless” Justin/Soulless Sunday

Justin is a foodie, a nightlife enthusiast, and an aspiring lawyer. Given the subject matter of the article he was featured in, he wishes to remain mostly anonymous.

Sinister Poptart AKA Brittany Schall/Soulless Sunday

Born in Denver, Colorado in 1985, Brittany Schall received her BFA for painting in 2008 at Colorado State University. Since relocating to New York city in 2008, she has done commercial commissions for Campbell’s Soup, ASPCA, and is an active member of the Blue Moon Muralist Project. Her personal works are figurative based images rendered in a photo realistic manner using a variety of mediums.

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