Lions, Tigers, and… Elephant Gods, Oh My!

A bunch of old black and white pictures where hanging on the walls. Mostly about old hunting parties from the 40’s.

Photo © Icarus Blake

We landed in Mumbai at midnight after a twenty hours journey. The Hilton by the airport looked lush and surreal. I sat on the bed in a daze and turned on the TV while waiting for my bathroom turn. The first thing I saw was this strange commercial with real people made up like Indian gods. I loved the Ganesha kid and took a snap when the ad ran again. I think the picture embodies the mash up of old and new in Indian pop culture.

Photo © Icarus Blake

A few days later we were leaving Bombay on our way to Benares and, with a few hours to spare, we checked out Bungalow 8, a cool lifestyle store in Colaba. The store is full of very carefully handpicked objects, mostly from India’s past. A bunch of old black and white pictures where hanging on the walls. Mostly about old hunting parties from the 40’s. The one that struck me the most depicted a dead lion lying at the feet of the hunter. I knew about tigers, but I had no clue lions existed in India. I asked the owner of the store and she told me the lion in question was an Asiatic Lion, a few of them still surviving in the state of Gurajat and now a protected species.

After a bit of research, I found out most them got killed by hunters: during the Indian Rebellion of 1857, a British officer shot three hundred of them. Most of all, I like to look at these two pictures together… They tell the whole story.


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