Luna Park

I took it for granted there was some kind of emergency and started driving faster. The kid in the back was quiet.

Photo © Icarus Blake

Photo © Icarus Blake

The man was standing next to his car holding his kid by the hand. He gestured for me to stop. I passed them slowly and noticed the flat tire. I picked them up and continued driving down the mountain road.

-Thank you. You should go faster. The next one is a sharp left turn-

-Are you in a rush?-

-Yes. Careful now: one tricky right turn-

I took it for granted there was some kind of emergency and started driving faster. The kid in the back was quiet. I’m a pretty good driver and by now we were screeching out of turns like on a race car. Except I was driving a compact rental from Hertz.
The man was unimpressed by my speed and kept announcing upcoming turns with a sense of impatience. Coming out of a bend, the rear of the car span out of control and I did a pretty good job  avoiding the steep cliff to our left.
-You really screwed that one up – Said the man with a grunt. He had a thick black beard and long messy hair. Maybe 40 or so, with a lean physique and large hands. The kid didn’t look anything like him, he had reddish short hair and freckles all over his arms and face. I thought maybe he had been kidnapped and I had just become an accessory to the crime. By then, I was kind of enjoying the fast driving and I decided to keep having fun. Questions later. We entered the village at a very illegal speed. People were quickly flashing by, but they did not seem to be much bothered by our passing.
-Right! Turn right here!-
Oh well, I hit the brakes spun around, missed the sidewalk by an inch and continued down a dirt road. We reached the beach and drove along the ocean for a while. People were coming back from the beach in a single line on both sides of the road. This was dangerous. I slowed down.

-OK. Stop here-
They both rushed out of the car. They ran towards a small amusement park to my right.
Just in time for the last ride of the merry go round.


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Yolanda Rodriguez/Fash-ism
Yolanda Domínguez (Madrid, 1977) is a visual artist and performer. She studied Fine Arts in Madrid’s Complutense University and gained a Master in Art and New Technologies in the European University of Madrid and in Concept and Creation in Photography in Madrid’s EFTI School. She has also carried out production workshops with well-known visual artists such as Eugenio Ampudia, Daniel Canogar and Chema Madoz.

Ileana De Hoyos/Feels like 36 Degrees
Ileana De Hoyos is a 21 year old Mexican born and raised in El Paso, Texas, currently living and studying in NYC. Aspiring writer and traveler.

Filippo ‘Phil Sick’ Anniballi/The Age of the Peeping Prism
Italian writer, journalist, and performer, born in 1976. Grew up in New York, and lived between Italy, the U.S., England, and Canada. His stories and essays have appeared in underground magazines such as Thorazine, Catastrophe, and Vice Magazine. He worked for the Big Issue, and published Milingo Contro Tutti (2009), which was GQ Italy’s book of the month in July of the same year. He often appears in projects and short films (turbofilms) by Alterazioni Video impersonating himself and other dubious characters.

Leslie Finlay/How to be Home
Leslie Finlay is a writer living in South Korea.

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