The Ghost of San Pellegrino

I was in Istanbul on a business trip and I spotted a woman sitting two tables across from me while I was having breakfast at the House Cafe.
She had a striking face with Asian shaped eyes focused on her iPad. I wanted to take a snapshot of her, but it was impossible without being noticed. I hid my camera behind the San Pellegrino bottle in front of me and, as I was trying to get a reasonably clear image through the green glass, she got up and walked away. I pulled the trigger… and this is the result. Mysterious enough? Shot with the Fuji X10.

The Ghost of San Pellegrino Photo ©Icarus Blake

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Natalie McNabb/Hide and Seek with Summer

Natalie McNabb lives and writes in Washington State. She loves the color red – red dragonflies resting on bamboo stakes, red wine in her glass, red flip-flops on her red-toe-nailed feet – and words that caress, tickle, irritate, or beat against her soul. Her writing appears in W. W. Norton and Company’s HINT FICTION, as well as various literary publications, and it has been shortlisted for The Micro Award, Glass Woman Prize, and Fish Short Story Competition. Please visit her at


Billy Roids/Hide and Seek With Summer

Queens native from Corona, now residing in Brooklyn. Architecture school drop out, nature lover, music nerd, addicted to toys, ancient aliens, and the list goes on…Billy Roids is a persona in response the chaos and carnality of the city that we live in. Illustrator, sculptor, painter, whatever it is at the moment of inspiration, I create. Currently working on freelance design projects, and a toy brand as well. For more info head to

Shay Neary/Devil Wrapped in Dough

Shay Neary is a trans-woman college grad living in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. She currently works at RedFarm in Greenwich Village. She is a newbie to NYC and has an obsession with street food and Starbucks.


Jonathan Wiley/Daylight Mourners

Jonathan Wiley is a refugee of the eighties music scene in New York City and LA.

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