We Need More Horns

just want brass blowing behind me in everything that I do.


I’ve always said it. I just want brass blowing behind me in everything that I do. Life soundtrack. I mean, I like to throw on a bop record when I sit down before the keys in my little writer’s den at the top of my tenement tower. Stan Getz’s bossa nova sax is a pretty permanent beach companion in my life, and on rainy days you could almost always hear the trumpet weeping from my headphones. But, what of the moments when you lack the media and/or medium? Gallivanting wildly through the wintry sidewalks with other midnight saints in the cold streetlight, or sweaty browed kisses on corners in holy summer afternoons; or flirting between naked neighbors through windows in buildings across avenues. It is these moments that a mad tenorman should wail from a nearby rooftop, or some tuba-wielding gypsy should light up the alleyway with sweet melodies. Alas, the moment has already passed and my only comfort was the music in my head.

Icarus Blake & Max Power: Editors in Chief
Lora Wiley: Managing Editor
Teo J. Babini: Senior Editor
Greta Pininfarina: Fashion Director
Miko Sala: Art Director
Tiffany Credle: Senior Publishing Editor
Daniel Cardona: Graphic Designer
Luigi Scarcella: Graphic Illustrator
Matt Heidkamp: Editorial Producer and eCommerce Manager
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Contributors to this issue:

Matthew Grey/A Boat of Out Water
A former Captain in the British Corps of Engineers and expedition director of the Plastiki. Matthew Grey has had a diverse career with a focus on creativity, leadership, adventure and travel. He has been a news and editorial photographer, a British army officer and an expeditionary bridge engineer. Most recently he took the lead in delivering the Plastiki project, a boat made from plastic bottles that was sailed from San Francisco to Sydney. Matthew Grey has worked in over 40 different countries and traveled to twice that number. He maintains a divergent set of skills that enable him to deliver uniquely creative and adventurous projects.

Jean Luc Dogard/“The Romney Years”: Cameras and Guns
Parisian born. As a child, Jean Luc enjoyed feeding bread to the ducks at the pond in the Square Du Temple.

Jake Remington/“The Romney Years”: Cameras and Guns
Jake Remington is not yet 30 years old.

Lance Steagall/I, Viking
Lance Steagall is a Chicago product living and working in New York City.

Muge Karamanci/PAUSE
She is a photographer, a poet, and a filmmaker. She has lived most of her life in Istanbul, Turkey. Currently, she is living in Boston. She has two Turkish poetry books published.

Altug Galip/Best of Instagram: kyrenian
Altug Galip is an entrepreneur, vet. soccer player and a nature and animal lover based in Cyprus. Find him on Instagram @kyrenian.

Ras Dia/Object of Desire
If all is now or not at all, I am now that I will ever be.
Des propos fades:
1986, Harlem, New York;
Bachelor – SUNY Purchase;
Master – Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Justin Smith/Object of Desire
Justin Smith was born in Bayonne, NJ in 1979 and has been drawing ever since.  His drawings have been featured on concert flyers, t-shirts, and CD covers for bands such as Clutch and Atomic Number 76.  He’s  been employed as a storyboard artist, a photo retoucher, and a stock boy.  Since joining the Bonac Tonic Artist Collective in 2006, he and his bizarre paintings have helped reignite the Hamptons art scene with some of the most electrifying exhibitions the fabled East End has ever seen.  Since 2011, he’s been sporadically writing, drawing, and publishing a comic book called Spyüngo!, which is every bit as goofy and hideous as the name suggests.

Kirsten Anderson/Augergine
“Kirsten Anderson is a writer, actress, real estate broker, baker, and classic movie fanatic. She lives in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. with a wondrously beautiful and talented Pomeranian named Sunflower. They are both very fond of vegetables.

Albert Nicolello/Augergine/Big Wheels, Small Cannon
Italian born, I received my degree in International Marketing Management from European Business School in London and shortly thereafter moved to New York where I continued my studies in Photography at New York Film Academy.

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