With a Spoonful of Sugar

…it’s an extraordinary building, and, in a strange way, it has always landmarked different stages of my life as a New Yorker.

With a Spoonful of Sugar

With a Spoonful of Sugar

I used to run along the East River, downtown. My reference was the Domino Sugar Refinery. When I leveled with it, it was time to turn back. Then they closed the boardwalk for repairs. I started running across the Williamsburg Bridge. I would always get distracted and try to peak down at the refinery. One night we shot a video across the way from the entrance. The building was dark and gloomy over us, eerie. We got chased away by security and the cops. The refinery burnt down twice, killing some of its workers, and was the stage for a twenty month labor strike in 2000 that ended bitterly with no winners. It once was the symbol of Brooklyn manufacturing. Only recently City Council has approved a plan to turn it residential. Whatever happens to it, it’s an extraordinary building, and, in a strange way, it has always landmarked different stages of my life as a New Yorker. Shot from a cab with a Panasonic GH3.

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Contributors to this issue:

Leslie Finlay/When Tragedy Strikes and You’re on the Other Side of the World
Leslie Finlay is a writer living in South Korea.

The Dime Store Casanova /After Hours (The 2nd Movement in a Minor Life)
Joe Sonnenblick is an actor and writer, has studied under the tutelage of New York’s dope fiends, pushers, vagrants and women. Thanks to coffee and pot.

Sabrina Cognata/My Very First Hostage Situation: Suburbia Sanctions
Sabrina Cognata is a writer, visionary and mistake maker. She’s written for Break Media, Fox Digital Studio, CBS Radio & Huff Post Live! She is also a braggart and lazy as fuck. Hire her as your sex slave so she can dedicate her life to writing full-time or at least your sexual needs.

Giovanni Gastel/My Very First Hostage Situation: Suburbia Sanctions
Giovanni Gastel is the nephew of Italian director Luchino Visconti. He has transferred the imagery and the mood of the old Milanese noblesse to its photography. He has worked for 30 years at the forefront of fashion photography collaborating with the most important magazines in the world and shooting many mainstream advertising campaigns. He is a master at mixing ‘old’ analog techniques with modern digital photography. He has published numerous books and his work has been featured in museums and art galleries. For more information you can download the app Giovanni Gastel from the Apple Store.

Shay Neary/Night of 1000 “Stevies?”/La Quito Taco Bell
Shay Neary is a trans-woman college grad living in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. She currently works at RedFarm in Greenwich Village. She is a newbie to NYC and has an obsession with street food and Starbucks.

Albert Nicolello/La Quito Taco Bell
Italian born, I received my degree in International Marketing Management from European Business School in London and shortly thereafter moved to New York where I continued my studies in Photography at New York Film Academy.

Dev Ambardekar/Sky Rabbit: From Industrial to Indie
Dev is a photographer based in Bangalore, India and primarily shoots music. He also writes for a few online publications and blogs a lot. He is currently completing his bachelors in Architecture.

Filippo ‘Phil Sick’ Anniballi/The Time David Hasselhoff Saved My Ass in Budapest
Italian writer, journalist, and performer, born in 1976. Grew up in New York, and lived between Italy, the U.S., England, and Canada. His stories and essays have appeared in underground magazines such as Thorazine, Catastrophe, and Vice Magazine. He worked for the Big Issue, and published Milingo Contro Tutti (2009), which was GQ Italy’s book of the month in July of the same year. He often appears in projects and short films (turbofilms) by Alterazioni Video impersonating himself and other dubious characters.

Mariano Garcia/Night of 1000 “Stevies?”/The Future of the Indigenous Warrior
Born in Spain. Works in Milano, London, Paris, Belgium, Norway, Tokyo, and now in NYC. Portrait, music and fashion photographer old enough to give good advice. 🙂

Daniel Rogan/Noon
Daniel Sauve-Rogan is a writer of fiction and poetry from Central California currently living and working in New York.

Maureen Keeney/Noon
Maureen Keeney is an illustrator who attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. While trying fruitlessly to pay off her student loans, she draws sometimes to maintain her sanity.

Matthew Grey/A Boat of Out Water
A former Captain in the British Corps of Engineers and expedition director of the Plastiki. Matthew Grey has had a diverse career with a focus on creativity, leadership, adventure and travel. He has been a news and editorial photographer, a British army officer and an expeditionary bridge engineer. Most recently he took the lead in delivering the Plastiki project, a boat made from plastic bottles that was sailed from San Francisco to Sydney. Matthew Grey has worked in over 40 different countries and traveled to twice that number. He maintains a divergent set of skills that enable him to deliver uniquely creative and adventurous projects.

Jean Luc Dogard/“The Romney Years”: Cameras and Guns
Parisian born. As a child, Jean Luc enjoyed feeding bread to the ducks at the pond in the Square Du Temple.

Jake Remington/“The Romney Years”: Cameras and Guns
Jake Remington is not yet 30 years old.

Altug Galip/Best of Instagram: kyrenian
Altug Galip is an entrepreneur, vet. soccer player and a nature and animal lover based in Cyprus. Find him on Instagram @kyrenian.

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