Meet the Family, Part One

He’s had a chip on his shoulder since he was a kid, made a habit out of makin’ people ugly, specially the good lookin’ guys.

Story by Teo J. Babini - teo@citizenbrooklyn.com Photos by Icarus Blake
Don “Lu Lumps” Luciani

Don “Lu Lumps” Luciani

Don “Lu Lumps” Luciani: “Lu Lumps”, at least that’s what they used to call him before he took over, now it’s Don Luciani. He’s had a chip on his shoulder since he was a kid, made a habit out of makin’ people ugly, ‘specially the good lookin’ guys. He doesn’t see many, and those he does don’t see much of him. He has this thing where he talks to people facing the other direction. A few people have taken offense, but, let’s just say they didn’t have open caskets once he got through with ’em. Never insult a man who doesn’t own any mirrors, it won’t end well for ya.

Max “Marx” Malinagi: Consiglieri

Max “Marx” Malignaggi

Max “Marx” Malignaggi: Consiglieri to the family, “Marx”. He’s the philosophical type, always spoutin’ off some prolific insight about life. You know, the kinda of guy who actually listens to opera on a regular basis. Apparently he’s not the type to get his hands dirty, but I heard that when he does he reads a poem to a guy right before he bumps ’em off. Can you just imagine that? The last thing you gotta listen to before you die is fuckin’ Rasputin reading some kinda vagina monologue? Honestly, if you ask me I’d rather die in silence.



Giuseppe: That’s it. Giuseppe. Just Giuseppe. The Underboss so to speak. He’s the guy who runs the day to day. The man to talk to. He sees, hears, smells, feels and fuckin’ tastes everything that the passes through the turf. If this was school, he’d be the headmaster. He’s an import from the old country, has his own way of going about things. Only problem with Giuseppe is, he’s always got a fuckin’ problem. You cook him a meal, doesn’t taste right. Bring him some product, it costs too much. You could wipe his ass for him, and it’d still be a goddamn problem. My advice, take it in stride. He’s not such a good listener.

Nino “Numbers” Noschese

Nino “Numbers” Noschese

Nino “Numbers” Noschese: Nino has a thing for math, an accountant of sorts, one of those who’s hand are always shakin’ like he’s countin’ in his head. Real quiet, always seems to be sweatin’ and out of breath. Spends all day in his house unless he’s called upon, except on Sundays. Sundays you could find him in the park playing chess. The guy’s got more money than anyone I know, spends his day in the park playin’ chess with a bunch of bums. Some say he wasn’t built for this life, but tell the guy to cook some numbers and you’ll have enough lasagna to feed the whole family… Three times over.

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