The Sound He Loves

Images and words by Myron Ropp


He encountered the vampire.


@ Myron Ropp

And here he sat beside the waters edge. Enjoying the winds that moved across the great span of water. The smell of them. As much as he relished these things, it is not what he loves about sitting here. It is the sound of the waves as they strike the sand. The relaxing rhythm of its attack. It is constant. Never ending. There is reassurance. Another will come in just a few seconds. There it is. How wonderful.

@Myron Ropp

@Myron Ropp

And through these patterns of in and out he ponders. His mind goes back in time. Years. Decades. Generations. Centuries. Yes. Five of them now. He thinks about his father. A blacksmith. As the waves hit the shoreline, within his mind, they are replaced by the clanging of the hammer. The soft gurgling of the water and its wake, replaced by the hot iron being forced into the barrel. The loud and audible hissing sound. Sitting here … a huge smile erupts upon his face. God he loved hearing that. Loved watching his father create and forge. Sculpt and manipulate the glowing iron. He himself learning the trade of his father. Working side by side in that building.

@ Myron Ropp

@ Myron Ropp

That was so many years ago. Before his life was changed forever on one dark and still night. He encountered the vampire. And though he was of great strength, he could not deflect its overpowering immortality. It was stronger. Faster. Now he is its equal, if not more so. As some point, he really should share his account of his transition to this immortal state. What could he possibly title such a journal of events. My Life? He softly chuckled to himself, for he was not alive. He is simply, Leslie McDaniel, Vampire. But he will contemplate that possibly at another time. For now … he will erase that from his thoughts and enjoy the remainder of his night … and that sound. That glorious, fulfilling sound.

2 Responses to “The Sound He Loves”

  1. Your Mishie says:

    Poignant and highly entertaining, but for me…always too short. I am so greedy. Beautiful photos dear friend.

  2. Myron says:

    (Smile) Thank you. I do not mind your ‘greedy’ in the slightest. Thank you for all the love and support you have always extended to my writing. It is cherished … as are you.