Tunnel Vision

I was driving on the NJ Turnpike just after sunset. I started grabbing shots as I was driving. This was shot with a Contax TVS, an analog pocket camera.

New York Skyline from the NJ Turnpike

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Contributors to this cover:

Vico LaCava / Itch
Vico does things for the story. This was good that one time, when she walked the red carpet in sparkly stilettos with her ten closest friends to the premier of her first feature film. It was not so good that other time, when she walked alone down the concrete corridor of cell block 3 in a dirty peacoat and dripping mascara.

Kyle Kaplan / 3:40 AM
Kyle Kaplan is an English major and poetry concentrator at smith college. She is currently working on a chap book inspired by children’s rhymes. She is also gynocentric.

Johan Chiriboga/Videographer / Miny X Foox
Raised in Queens and attended a performing arts high school and currently attending NYU’s cinematographer program.  He’s been behind a camera since he could walk

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