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New York City Water Towers Converted into Works of Art

300 original rooftop water tanks spread the word about global water issues

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Last year, we saw one New York water tower converted into a private speakeasy, but this year the focus is on large-scale public art projects. “The Water Tank Project” aims to transform 300 rooftop water tanks into original works of art. Dreamt up by filmmaker Mary Jordan, the project also aims to make people more aware of the global water issues that could pose a serious threat in the near-future.

Even though the project is dealing with a serious issue, it want to create meaningful and long-lasting change by inspiring people, not instilling them with fear. As it says on their website, they want to “inspire awe and joy, to educate, and to alter attitudes and habits among those who experience The Water Tank Project.”

Photo © Word Above the Street

Photo © Word Above the Street

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