AT&T gives beaches solar-powered charging stations for cell phones

“This is a direct outgrowth of super storm Sandy,”

Story by Colin Mixson - Source:
Photo © The Brooklyn Papaer

Photo © The Brooklyn Papaer

Ladies and gentleman, the sun will now charge your phone — for free.

Brooklyn beaches have always been a great place to relax and soak up the sun, but as of Tuesday, earth’s favorite star will also juice up your cellular appliances thanks to several solar-powered charging stations that AT&T installed in the sandy regions of Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach, and Coney Island. The charging stations are part of the cellular service provider’s post-Sandy pilot program to make sure no storm stands in a Brooklynite’s way of placing a call.

“This is a direct outgrowth of super storm Sandy,” said AT&T spokeswoman Kerri Lyon.

Following the storm, AT&T’s employees provided power for distribution centers throughout the borough. They quickly noticed that one of the biggest demands amongst storm-racked New Yorkers was a place to charge their phones.

“They were desperate to charge their phones, and connect with family,” said Lyon

These charging stations, which boast multiple phone adapters, six chords, and are made by DUMBO tech firm Pensa, are being considered as a solution to meet Brooklyn’s emergency phone charging needs — albeit, at the beach.

So far, it’s working good.

“They’ve exceeded our expectations,” said Lyons. “They’re not just using them, they’re buzzing about them.”

Where to find your nearest solar-powered phone charger.

• Manhattan Beach: Oriental Boulevard and Erwin Street, near the snack stand.

• Brighton Beach: On the Boardwalk at Fourth Street, near the new comfort station.

• Coney Island: On the Coney Island Boardwalk at W. Eighth Street.

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