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How a Genius Used a First Class Ticket to Eat Free Airline Food for a Year

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Courtesy of NextShark

Courtesy of NextShark

Unless you really like security checkpoints and planes, an airport isn’t exactly a place we find much joy or utility, but not for one clever guy. You’ll be surprised after you read this story about how this guy totally hacked the airport system.

A Chinese man bought a first-class ticket at Xi’an airport in Shaanxi, China. Like most first-class travelers, he decided to eat before his flight in the first-class lounge of the airport. After he is done eating, he leaves- but not to his flight. He actually never takes his flight. Instead, he goes to the ticket counter to change his flight itinerary for the next day and then he heads home. The next day he comes back with his new ticket and into the lounge he goes. Book, eat, reschedule, repeat.

Now, not all of us have flown first-class before, but when you do, you get access to the first-class VIP lounge at the airport with your ticket. Once you are inside, anything you want — drinks and food — is absolutely free. This guy rescheduled his itinerary over 300 times in the same year! That’s over 300 free meals in a first-class lounge, but wait, the story gets better.

China Eastern Airlines, the airline that he kept rescheduling his first-class ticket with, started to catch on to his little scheme and began an investigation. What did he do? He simply cancelled his ticket — for a full refund!

Well played sir, well played indeed.

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