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10 Best Green Designs From London Design Festival

Designers are using sustainable and renewable resources in more interesting and sophisticated ways–which means that they will reach a wider market.

Story by Bonnie Alter - Source:

Photo ©BoReudler Studio

Overdose! That’s it for another year of the London Design Festival. From a design and environmental aspect, it was a very good showing. Designers are using sustainable and renewable resources in more interesting and sophisticated ways–which means that they will reach a wider market.

Here are ten more items that caught our interest.

1. Bamboo Windsor Chair

The classic Windsor chair is re-examined and made of bamboo by a Dutch designer, Bo Reudler Studio. This chair is made of a bamboo type known for its strength and solid structure, in combination with bamboo plywood and rattan. Natural linseed oil paint (red, black and white) gives it a lovely glossy shine.

2. More Windsor Chairs

Photo © Bonnie Alter

These by Ercol, an iconic British brand which has been designing since the 1920’s. These chairs are re-issues of their 1950’s Windsor chair, covered with lovely fabric by Tamsyn Gambell (see below–she’s everywhere!).

3. Cushions

Photo © Bonnie Alter

Tamsyn Gambell makes these architecturally-inspired cushions using

organic cotton. They are hand printed with organic dyes. The updated but retro style and colour palette mean that they would fit into any decor happily.

4. More Cushions

Photo © Zuzunaga

These cushions are handmade in Spain from 100% ecological merino wool. The fabric is handwoven on a wooden loom by skilled craftsmen. The company started as a social project in 1983 to support people with learning difficulties by teaching them the art of manual weaving. The cushions come in very warm colors and are soft to the touch.

5. Tables

Photo © Bonnie Alter

The Bind table is a flat pack table made out of birch plywood and steel. It is bound together with cord which makes it easy to take apart and put back together again. The knot is very simple and very strong.

6. Tables and Chairs

Photo © Bonnie Alter

Cable is a new furniture line that uses no glue or screws. The bright clean pieces are held together using a unique cable tie joint. They arrive in a flat pack and come in a range of bright colors.

7. More Tables and Chairs

Photo © Bonnie Alter

These are from Bravo, a Chilean furniture company, located in Patagonia. The pieces make use of Chilean native woods and traditional carpentry methods, using local techniques. The pieces have soft rounded edges which give them a very warm and welcoming feeling. Note also the containers: they are a modular design from which the nine shapes can be made into 40 different combinations.

8. Sofas

Photo © Bonnie Alter

This gorgeous sofa frame and low table are hand made in the UK by Studio 180°. Materials used include: “precious British vegetable tanned saddle leather (hand cut leather straps), natural flax twine (hand knotted chains), bespoke braided organic jute cord, twisted eco paper cord and organic hand spun Shetland wool yarn”.

9. Wooden Keyboard

Photo © Bonnie Alter

This wooden keyboard is a “wireless wooden wonder” from France. It is handcrafted out of one piece of wood. You can choose from either French maple or walnut. They are wonderful and soft to the touch and the grain goes along the diagonal, even including the individual keys.

10. Fishbowl

Photo © Psalt Design

Called the Bubbletank, it is an optical illusion, as it seems to be a falling bead of water. Handblown, and each one slightly different, it is fascinating with or without the fish.


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