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DaDa’s Underwear Club Delivers Eco-Friendly Men’s Undies Every Quarter

Lawson’s designs are made from bamboo and organic cotton and packaged in 100% recycled “tea” paper boxes.

By Morgana Matus - Source:
Photo © DaDa Quarterly Underwear Club

Photo © DaDa Quarterly Underwear Club

Luxury clothing should mean that the quality of the fabric is as good to the environment as it is to your body. UK designer Hamish Lawson is the creator of the DaDa Quarterly Underwear Club delivers bamboo and organic cotton mens underwear directly to the customer’s door. Manufactured ethically in Sri Lanka, the line features undershirts, boxers, and briefs in a variety of colors and patterns.

Committed to keeping DaDa as environmentally-friendly as possible, Lawson’s designs are made from bamboo and organic cotton and packaged in 100% recycled “tea” paper boxes. They company is currently working with a PhD student in carbon accounting to reduce their footprint during the shipping proces.s

“With DaDa, we wanted to create a brand that had strong ethical and sustainable credentials, but also one people would buy for the brand as well. After noticing that every brand used cotton for underwear (mainly because its cheap), we wanted to explore more functional fabrics from natural sources” says Lawson.

In addition to being kind to the planet, DaDa also strives to support the workers behind their clothing. They ensure that the people making their underwear are paid a living wage, provided with free meals during the day, and empower local women.

“I believe its important to keep a balance in life and always give as much or more than you take. We want to minimize every kind of negative energy with DaDa- from always keeping customers happy to treating workers fairly.” Lawson told Ecouterre.

Those interested purchasing DaDa’s unique line of underwear will receive free shipping anywhere in the world. Customers will receive a card with a code in December and can select their sizes, colors, and patterns in January, and have a pair of underwear sent every three months directly to their door. Available in retro, trunk, or shorty, for $95, the bottoms are designed to be the most comfortable pair of underwear in your drawer.

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