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“Metamorph” by Thieves: One Sustainable Dress, Over 20 Ways to Wear It

The “Metamorph” dress by Thieves can transform itself into more than 20 different forms ranging from classy to casual.

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Photo © Thieves

Photo © Thieves

In an effort to remain both sustainable and stylish, reducing closet clutter is key to minimizing energy and resource consumption. However, just because there are less items taking up space does not mean that you have to sacrifice the number of looks you can create from a single garment. The “Metamorph” dress by Thieves can transform itself into more than 20 different forms ranging from classy to casual.

Photo © Thieves

Photo © Thieves

Made from organic bamboo stretch jersey, the Metamorph can be worn long, short, tight, or loose. Perfect for a quick change between engagements, the dress conforms to the mood of the wearer.

“I believe that anything that is designed, and considered good design, should have the element of sustainability calculated into the design. We live in a world with finite resources, so I believe we want to sustain those resources and live on a beautiful planet.” designer Sonja den Elzen tells Ecouterre.

In addition to being environmentally sustainable through its choice of fabric and low-impact dyes, the Metamorph strives to be socially conscious. Produced locally in Toronto, Canada, each dress color corresponds with a different charity slated to receive donations from Thieves. Those who purchase a particular shade can contribute to such organizations as Free the Children, Kiva, Charity: Water, GiveDirectly, and the David Suzuki Foundation.

“I felt it was important to be able to share with the people who are out on the front lines creating positive changes for peoples, like clean drinking water, helping villages and people become self sufficient, to help create an opportunity for balance in the world and to help support organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation who are always raising awareness and educating about the earth and help. Its great to be able to use fashion as a tool to create change and positive empowerment.” says den Elzen.

The Metamorph is the subject of an IndieGoGo campaign, and those looking to transform their wardrobe can snag a dress for $82. Available in black, gray, beige, raspberry, and teal, the hues are perfect for fall and winter outfits and also make great gifts for hard-to-buy-for fashionistas.

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