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No One’s Skin: Ivana Basilotta Vegan Shoes Are Cruelty-Free, Sustainably Produced

“I sourced the most innovative, luxurious, and environmentally friendly vegan leathers”

By Jasmin Malik Chua - Source:
Photo © Ivana Basilotta

Photo © Ivana Basilotta

Ivana Basilotta wants you to love the skin you’re in. A lifelong animal lover, the London-based designer has created a line of cruelty-free footwear that challenges leather’s position as the superior “natural” product. “No One’s Skin,” whose inaugural collection comprises a flat, pump, and a wedge boot, also seeks to defy the notion that manmade has to be environmentally destructive. Their animal-free provenance aside, Basilotta’s shoes also step lightly on the planet, with materials that include recycled microsuede, modal satin derived from beech trees, and a lining that combines non-food grains and seeds with plant-based polymers.

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