Google’s Mobile Campaign is New York’s Own Scavenger Hunt

The Mountain View, CA tech giant’s advertising hidden in NYC folks’ favorite spots

By Adriana Krasniansky - Source:
Photo © AdWeek

Photo © AdWeek

Google has never had a reputation for acting traditionally. Thus, as the company launched its rebranded mobile app, few knew what to expect of marketing efforts for the product. They certainly didn’t anticipate to find its advertisements on a mug at a neighborhood café, or in their local bar.

In a uniquely personal out-of-home advertising campaign, Google has embedded ads for its mobile app into the scenery of New York City neighborhood landmarks.

The campaign, created by agency 72andSunny, invites audiences to ask Google’s voice-responsive mobile app quirky questions about each New York site. “Ok Google,” a sentence underneath the joystick of a video game at Barcade begins, “how many colors are there in an 8-bit?”*

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