A Film that Mommy Won’t Allow

Diving into the underground transgender world of the MIT (Italian Transsexual Movement).

Story By Max Power - Photos©Tamara Vignati

photo©Tamara Vignati

I’ve been following the production of a “turbo film” in Milan with the Italian collective Alterazioni Video. It was an experience that I won’t forget. I had the chance to understand their methods and aesthetic by just taking part in their creative process. While there, I wrote a bullet point diary that I’m more than happy to share. I think that the list of events that follow explain what I went through better than any other commentary…

Wed 05/09/2012

Flying from Brooklyn to the heart of Milan.

Convincing a bunch of college students that it’s not necessary to write a script to make a “turbo film”.

Classroom photo©Tamara Vignati

Thur 05/10/2012

Diving into the underground transgender world of the MIT (Italian Transsexual Movement).

Improvising performances in public spaces and forbidden locations.

Friday 05/11/2012

Running away from the guards at the city palace while shooting the final scene all dressed in drag.

Skateboard dolly photo©Tamara Vignati

Pretending to have friends on a block in a rough neighborhood to take advantage of a thirty-three floor residential building and get a good angle of the city from the roof.

Rough rooftop photo©Tamara Vignati

Sat 05/12/2012

Entering the temple of the worldwide opera theater (La Scala) and stealing images from history.

La Scala photo©Tamara Vignati

Flash mobbing the Parco Sempione to reenact the chorus of an ancient Greek tradgedy.

Parco Sempione photo©Tamara Vignati

Parco Sempione photo©Tamara Vignati

Sun 05/13/2012

Going around looking for a sex club to shut down on Sunday afternoon in Crescenzago to use as a good location for the dance scene, completely hung over. Noticing a bide next to each sofa…

In the club photo©Tamara Vignati

In the club photo©Tamara Vignati

Mon 05/14/2012

Betting euros and playing volleyball against professional Brazilian transgender players.

Pro volleyball photo©Tamara Vignati

Tue 05/15/2012

Convincing a priest that we are a Catholic student group shooting the holy Virgin Mary for a school documentary on faith and behavior.

Eating at a restaurant with the actress and getting photographed by a family of Australian tourists while kissing huge fake breasts.

Wed 05/16/2012

Enjoying the party-like process of making a “turbo film” from location scouting to filming.

Getting an ironic glimpse of the Bunga Bunga culture in the rein of the deposed Italian Short King.

Thur 05/17/2012

Flying back to Brooklyn with a refrain in my mind: “… Latin Lover, Latin Lover …” and understanding the certainty that this explosive form of film-making and performing fits perfectly into the visual culture we are all drowning in.


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