What You Should Remember When The Delivery Guy Comes In This Blizzard

This can mean just one thing: elastic waist pants and delivery.

By Nell Casey - Source:
It's hard out there (Dave Bledsoe/Flickr)

It’s hard out there (Dave Bledsoe/Flickr)

Hey did you guys hear there’s some weather approaching? In light of this, newly minted Mayor de Blasio has confined you to your apartment and the grocery store lines are an absolute nightmare. This can mean just one thing: elastic waist pants and delivery.

But while you’re enjoying moo shu pork in the warmth of your laptop and clanking radiator, the folks delivering your meal are slogging through snow, wind, ice and downright dangerous conditions to get to your apartment. It’s only right that your laziness be offset by generously tipping the souls braving the storm so you don’t have to. We’re sure you’re already tipping appropriately—RIGHT?!!?—but when the weather gets rough, good human beings go the extra dollar or four to take care of food delivery people. In no particular order, here are some general rules of thumb for not being a jerk tonight:

Throw in a few extra dollars for the incredible convenience of not having to venture into the muck. Whether or not you typically tip 20%, include an extra $2-3 dollars during bad weather. It goes a long way towards making the guys on bikes not feel quite so horrible. Doubly true if you’re ordering from the next ‘hood over instead of the cute cafe down the block, so keep distance in mind.
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