Object of Desire

Poem by Ras Dia - rasdia@icloud.com Doodle by Justin Smith
Doodle © Justin SMith

Doodle © Justin Smith

Hound me, clouding illusion,


i will your barbarity,

i accept, it pounds and entices,

Delight in the hunt, i groan,

Chasing my plight, i bemoan…

i invite, you reject,

i am weak, unworthy

Unrequited, i require

Glorious, seductive Mind-fuck!

Its physical transparency,

perhaps the baser self, ignoble regarded

Mischief, blinded by your perfection,

i object

Past youthful passions, aged

wisdoms, sight of elegance eternal speaks

to my transience, the

soul before immortal,

Your masochism will I tango

Passion induced, golden

opulence, softest, sweetest

genius, Child of an eternal womb,

Humble creation,

Your simple surrender

This Fool’s defeat renders.

I’ve come to take you with me

Even if I must drag you along…



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