Tierra del Fuego

Lâle Müldür is one of the great poets of our time.

Poem by Lâle Müldür - teo@citizenbrooklyn.com Doodle by Luigi Scarcella
Doodle © Luigi Scarcella

Doodle © Luigi Scarcella

Among sea shells. Among sea-weed.
On dark objects under the sea.
There is your image.
In the Siamese cats I see in my dreams.
On the cracks in the walls of ODARA.
Where the claw marks you scratched in me
Open or close. THERE IS YOUR FACE.

In those days I always wanted to go to Tierra del Fuego. On
My record player Gato Barbieri, Carlos Jobim, Baden Powell
played constantly. Antonico, Yo le Canto a La Luna, Falando de
Amor, Saudade da Bahia… The Girl from Ipanema, Bolivia…
so many days in my room dreaming of the tropics.

Tropicus… Mar del Tropicus…
The didn’t understand my obsession with the tropics.
My reaction to our tired and sterile culture.
Yearning for primitive sound. Nostalgia for mystery.
And escape perhaps. A distant escape.
If they only knew…
I stood by troubled water the day
You left for Estrado do Sol.
Despite the distance I heard your voice.
Then I lost the sound o

Lâle Müldür is a Turkish poet and writer, considered one of the most influential Turkish poets of the last several decades. After graduating from Robert College, Müldür went to Florence to study with a poetry scholarship. She returned to Turkey to study electronics and economics for one year each at Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi in Ankara. After two years in Ankara, she went to the United Kingdom, where she received her Bachelor of Science in economics from the University of Manchester, and her Master of Science in the sociology of literature from Essex University. Müldür then married a Belgian painter named Patrick Claeys and lived in Brussels from 1983 to 1987. Müldür worked as a columnist for the Radikal newspaper for a time. In 2002, Müldür suffered a brain hemorrhage, but soon recovered. She currently lives in Istanbul.

Thanks to Ebru Ozaydin for putting us in contact with Lâle Müldür

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