Fresher than your Average

My collection is modest compared to some of my close friends’, but I would have to say somewhere between three hundred and four hundred…

Story and Photos by Christian Torres - christian@kodezero.com

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Everyone has a little sneaker-head in them. Whether you are a hipster, yuppie, punk, rocker, thug, or scenester… you still own at least one pair of sneakers. “Fresher than your Average” caters to the hard-core sneaker-freak. There I witnessed some of the most expensive and rare pairs in the game. It was definitely an enthusiast’s dream. Alongside the sneakers there were a couple of T-shirt companies displaying and selling their merchandise. As most people know, you cannot rock a dope pair of kicks without the outfit to match. One thing I learned at this event was that a true head would never rock Converse socks with a pair of Nikes. You learn new things everyday I guess.

I got the chance to speak to Ward Robinson, the creator of the event.

Sneakr Banner photo©Christian Torres

CBK: When did you start collecting sneakers? What was your first pair?

WR: I started collecting sneakers in 2005, it was crazy because I didn’t consider myself a “sneaker-head” or “collector” until 2007 when a sneaker store owner told me I was. I had no idea I was representing a movement. My first pair of kicks that really pulled me into this culture was a pair of OG Air Jordan #7 “Raptors”. To this day one of my top five!

CBK: How did you come up with the concept of putting this event together?

WR: I always wanted to do an event. Something small, not on the level of the other sneaker events out there, but more intimate. So one day while hanging out with a couple of my friends, fellow sneaker heads, I threw the idea at them. Then we began to build on the initial concept which would be a buy/sell/trade event with a twist. Next thing I know, I’m sitting here typing my answers to your questions… lol!

Sneaker Rainbow photo©Christian Torres

CBK: How many pairs of sneakers do you own?

WR: My collection is modest compared to some of my close friends’, but I would have to say somewhere between three hundred and four hundred… I lost count after three hundred…

CBK: What is the most you have paid for a pair of sneakers?

WR: Wow! I think the most has been three hundred and twenty five dollars.

CBK: What is your favorite brand? What makes that brand of sneaker better than the rest in your opinion?

WR: I will have to go with Nike, BUT I am really feeling the direction ASICS is going nowadays. Nike is ahead of the rest because, in my opinion, they are in tune with the athlete in all of us. I look at their product as a symbol of motivation. From their basketball, golf, running, baseball, football, and cross training shoes, they all kinda make me want to get up, get out, and get physical. At the end of the day, their message promotes a healthy, fit lifestyle.

Two Rows photo©Christian Torres

CBK: Do you think of the sneaker game as a culture or a vice?

WR: Definitely a culture! The sneaker heads of today didn’t create this lifestyle, we just keep it going. The sneaker culture has been alive and well since the eighties, it’s just now more people know about it.

CBK: If you could design your perfect sneaker, what would it look like?

WR: Damn man, that’s an excellent question. Hhhmmm… I would have to say a mid-top very reminiscent of the Jordan #3. Not a lot of funky colors, maybe a solid black or grey with a splash of color on the trimming. Of course an icy bottom and most importantly all retailers will be forced to charge the same affordable price!

J's for Days photo©Christian Torres

CBK: What do different sneaker styles say about the people who wear them?

WR: Sneakers say so much about the person wearing them. For me it’s definitely a form of expression. So I try to wear a pair that fits my mood and how I’m feeling that day. But for others it can mean something else. For example, some people can’t dress to save their lives, BUT their kick game makes up for that. Some people don’t know anything about kicks, but want to be cool so they purchase the most expensive joints out there. We call those people “hype-beasts”. Some people wear skateboarding shoes not because they skate, but only because they are comfortable. Listen, I can go on and on, but the most important thing to remember is to WEAR EVERY PAIR!

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