His Girlfriend Left Him – Haikuclip

Personal tragedy for our friend Kaffa: his girlfriend left him.

Personal tragedy for our friend Kaffa: his girlfriend left him. He happens to be a video FX wiz… this is how he expressed his frustration. Go figure and go viral.

In his own words:
I’m now more depressed than I was… just a month ago. I currently hate my life… a lot. It just seems that every day is comparable to a of a pile crap. I recently lost my job and am struggling to find another, I was dumped by my one and only girlfriend a month ago (who only wants to remain friends and I have myself to blame), I can’t drive, I’m still a virgin, I’m extremely shy (which is why I think she left me), I still live with my parents and I’m pretty sure I’m incredibly stupid and dumb. I can only meet girls if they’re introduced to me, like my last girlfriend.

Because I’m shy, I can’t talk to people. I feel like I’m completely useless because I can’t drive, so I have to depend on people going out of their way to help me. All my friends and people around me have partners, can all drive, aren’t shy and are very sociable. All have good jobs and just seem to have an overall better life than me. I hate it. There have been many instances to, where I have actually cried myself to sleep. When I did meet my girlfriend in November, I was happier than I had been in a long time.

My life still sucked, but not as much as it did. Now that’s over, everything is back to how is was, ten-fold. I am so on the edge, I’ve often tried to run away somewhere, anywhere but here, and try to start a new. But that never happened. Even suicide has crossed my mind a lot, that’s how bad I’m feeling. Yeah, people keep saying things can only get better, but after nearly twenty-nine years, the only  good thing I had ended in a month, what’s the point? Should I run away, start somewhere new? Should I commit suicide and be away with my misery? Or should I try and see what will happen in the future? Seriously, I’ve just about had enough.

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