Poppin’ my Air Cherry

Air sex is similar to air guitar, but instead of jamming out on an imaginary instrument, you’re more likely to be blowing on an imaginary skin flute.

Story,Photos and Video by Andrew Rodriguez - andrew@citizenbrooklyn.com

Air Sex East Coast Regionals from kodezero on Vimeo.

“What is air sex?” A question that was asked many times when I explained my plans for Friday evening. Air sex is similar to air guitar, but instead of jamming out on an imaginary instrument, you’re more likely to be blowing on an invisible skin flute. Band camp anyone?

To be honest with you, I wasn’t all that enthused about attending this event. I initially envisioned a bunch of really awkward virgins on stage being cheered on by an even more sensually deprived crowd. A friend and I met up to grab a drink beforehand so it wouldn’t be too weird for us. Surprisingly, this affair was being hosted at BB Kings, a famous classy jazz joint in Time Square. After waiting a while for the show to start, as well as for the waiter to come by (typical), it finally began.

The show opened with two of the judges performing short stand up routines, followed by the host/creator, Chris Trew, giving a live action air sex tutorial. Between the comedy that the judges brought and Chris purposely making a joke out of his example; the ice was broken and mood lost some of its initial tension. The crowd, astonishingly diverse and less weird than imagined, was ready for some gyration.

The first contestant was a young guy who replaced his friend that bailed last minute. He was clearly in over his head, as he didn’t lay down any foreplay and just went straight to humping the stool. Amateur night.

The next one was a red headed girl dressed in a wedding gown. It started out real soft and intimate at first and then all of the sudden what looked to be her first time as a married women quickly transformed into a wild gangbang.

Up next was a Southerner with a Confederate beer mug whose appearance reeked of white trash. He got real Indian Jones with his belt and when he was done, threw the condom on the floor and walked out on the poor ghost of trailer parks past.

The Following performance was another last minute replacement from the crowd because another person no showed. It was her birthday and she did a much better job than the first bum, some foreplay and rough doggy-style on the stool that ended on the floor when she fell off.

The next contestant may have been the worst. His interpretative performance left the audience and judges confused as to what was going on. He had an old one-piece ladies bathing suit on which actually made sense because at one point he was swimming in his imaginary partners pussy.

Last, but not least, was this cute Asian girl who did the only girl on girl performance of the night. It was all there, from fisting to strap-ons, and the crowd loved it.

The top three, including the bang bride, miracle whip man, and the lesbiAsian, had an oxygen fuck off for the win. Bubba Hump was the crowd favorite and won a trip to Austin, Texas for the finals. Altogether not a terrible experience, but lets just say that I could think of better ways to get my rocks off.

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