Sam’s Confusing Day

Story by Michael Slade - http://michaelsladewriter.com Photos by Alex Magi - Source: http://dogzonenyc.com
Photo © Alex Magi

Photo © Alex Magi

Call me Sam. Is it my real name? What’s a real name? The name our parents give us? The name we call ourselves? The name our friends or lovers call us? I don’t know. I’m called Sam, because that’s what Joe, my human, calls me. Oh, and just so you know, I’m a dog, a mixed breed. My mother was a full-blooded Wheaten Terrier, but my father… Well, I don’t know a lot about him, but rumor has it he was part some kind of terrier, part beagle, part Australian shepherd, part spaniel, part… Well, you get the idea. I’ve got no problems with being a mixed breed. Like most of my kind, I’m smart, I’m healthy, and I’m good looking. Really good looking. The kind of good looking that makes it hard to take a walk because every female human we pass stops to pet me and tell Joe how adorable I am. And, if they happen to be cute, and single, Joe usually manages to wind up getting their phone number. And, whenever he gets a phone number, I get a treat. But Joe’s not the only one who does well with the bitches, and I don’t bother with phone numbers. I go straight to sniffing me that cute canine pussy, which always makes Joe a little jealous. It also makes what happened the day in question even odder.

Photo © Alex Magi

Photo © Alex Magi

It was a sunny summer afternoon. Joe and I had taken a walk in Central Park and I headed us to Bethesda Fountain, where there were sure to be plenty of human and canine females. Joe and I had perfected a game: when he noticed a female he thought was hot, he’d let me off leash. I’d run over to her and make a fuss. He’d follow, apologizing for my behavior. It was kind of like fetch. If the female wasn’t interested, Joe would put my leash on and we’d walk away. But if she was, I’d stick around until Joe gave me a certain look, then I’d wander off on my own leaving the two of them to sniff… Which is what happened that Sunday afternoon.

Photo © Alex Magi

Photo © Alex Magi

I wandered around the plaza, stopping occasionally to say hello to a dog I knew or to be petted by a human I didn’t. And then I saw her, the most beautiful, cream-colored miniature poodle; perfectly, but not overly, groomed. I’ve been dazzled by a lot of bitches, but this was different. This was like the “Lady and the Tramp” bedtime story my mother used to tell us when we were puppies. My “Lady” was standing patiently in the middle of the plaza beside her human; an officious-looking, perfectly groomed gay guy in cream-colored linen slacks, Ferragamo loafers and a pink shirt. He was talking to a similarly dressed and groomed gay guy. Now, I’ve got nothing against the gays. Truth is, many’s the time I’ve proudly gotten my nose up into some hot balls and butt holes, and let my own be nosed back. So when I describe this guy as “an officious-looking, perfectly groomed gay guy,” it’s done solely to help conjure a specific visual image.

Photo © Alex Magi

Photo © Alex Magi

I shook out my coat and trotted over to the poodle. She immediately turned and walked as far in the opposite direction as her extendable leash would allow… which was pretty far. Odd. Maybe she just didn’t want to say hello to a “mixed breed” so close to her human (who, deep in conversation was oblivious to both her and me). I trotted over to her in a wide arc, my eyes sparkling expectantly, but just as I approached, she again headed off as far as her leash would allow in another direction. Nothing like this had ever happened to me. After a third try, rather than follow her, I sat down on the plaza, cocked my head and tried to make sense of the confusing situation. I looked at “Lady.” I looked at her human, still oblivious to anything but himself and his friend, and I realized what needed to be done.

Photo © Alex Magi

Photo © Alex Magi

Nonchalantly, I wandered over to her human. “Lady” remained as far away as she could be, watching. I made eye contact with her, then lifted my leg, and peed on her human’s trousers. It took a moment for the warm liquid to soak through the linen enough for him to feel it. He looked down, “This dog just peed on me! Get away!” I happily obliged. “Whose dog is this?!” he screamed. “Whose dog just peed on me?!” Joe and the woman didn’t acknowledge they knew me. Other people laughed. Even the second gay guy laughed. “It’s not funny!” the human yelled, shaking his wet leg, and he was right. It wasn’t funny. It was deadly serious. I grinned as I trotted past “Lady.” “Yo bitch, you’re not interested in me? Fine. But I just marked your human… Now, he’s mine!”

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    Great story, love the ending.

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  11. Molly's Dad says:

    Nice work, Michael. Love the surprise ending, More stories about this dog and his human, please.

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