Chanel Surfing

I was shooting a story on Jennifer Nicholson, Jack’s daughter, at her house in LA. As I was wandering around the garden I stumbled upon the pool. The Chanel Surfboard was lazily floating in the middle of it. There was a movie like quality to the scene, reminiscent of Sunset Boulevard. Something about the fallen autumn leaves and the unkept garden washed by the cold autumn light. It was shot with a Pentax 6×7 and the film was cross-processed at the lab.

Chanel Surfing photo©Icarus Blake

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Jon Cor / Tuesday
Jon Cor is a twenty-something year old living himself to death in Toronto, ON. He intends to publish a short-story collection – as well as his first novel: In Heat – called A Murder of Prose. When not attending to his priorities as a writer he moonlights as an actor (, acrobat, aspiring musician and – with great relief – no longer as a Ford model.

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Cornelius Fortune / American Machine
Cornelius Fortune is an award-winning journalist who covers technology, TV, and popular culture for a variety of publications. He is the author of the book “Stories from Arlington,” and has written for iPhone Life Magazine, Yahoo News, the Advocate, Chess Life, the Detroit Metro Times, and others. He is also a Rhysling nominated poet. Visit his website at

Jonathan Wiley/ American Machine
Jonathan Wiley is a refugee of the eighties music scene in New York City and LA.

Stacey Cunningham / Travel Diary: On the Road with Eco-Designer Laura Siegel
Stacey Cunningham is an New York based stylist and fashion writer hailing from a sports-obsessed Midwestern town that shall remain nameless, but loved. Inspiration for her work stems from a love of travel and street style. Stacey studied at Parsons the New School for Design.


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