Rasta Dog, the Day After.

What is this place? Nude dancers and jazz band. This is more like it. We drift to midnight saying four words and looking around for some hypothetical girlfriends of hers.

Story and photos Icarus Blake
The Last Sunset of 2013

The Last Sunset of 2013

Good Morning, it’s a new year. You probably don’t remember what happened last night. I sure do. It took me a little longer than usual to get dressed and I spent twenty-three extra seconds looking at myself in the mirror. Then it was a battle. The first party was full of people that acted as if they did not want to be there. They obviously had spent most of the day getting ready as if, in that darkness, anybody could see their perfectly matched minimalistic outfits. I did ’cause I have to wear magnifying  glasses to see anything, and I see better then most at night. Bummer. The drinks were watery and lame, and the names were the work of a bad ad agency: The Mars Gambler, Olive Attack, Mutiny on the Bourbon… Yes, I know, you’d expect them to take you out at the first sip, but no, they sucked. I couldn’t quite figure out who these people were. Did I care? Nope. It was just 9:30 and I had passed by the place to find a friend to bring along to the next party. No luck. Now driving down Varick and got caught in a DUI check point. Of course I did not have anything to drink, officer, I mean, yes I did have a Mars Gambler, but please, let’s be serious… Yes I’ll blow into anything. Really? Slight traces of alcohol in my blood? Oh well, yes sure, I’ll be careful. OK, next party on the top floor of a nondescript TriBeCa building. It’s now approaching the frantic last hour where you wanna be in the right place to celebrate. I see Geneva in a corner, she looks sad. Hey, where is George? You had a fight? Oh great, then, let’s celebrate together. Well, not THAT WAY great, I meant my date stood me up so let’s make one happy out of two miseries… Yes? That did not go too well. Short of being slapped. Drinks? A bit better, it’s TriBeCa you know, people actually put alcohol in their drinks. I’m going to take two down quickly. Better now. Tequila I believe. This brunette coming straight at me? Who’s… Do I know her? Geneva crying in the corner. No, don’t bother, she’s fine, just trouble with George. No, actually, I’m very sensitive and I did try to cheer her up, but no. What did you say? Brooklyn where? Oh, yea sure, I got wheels, I guess. But did you drink? Can you drive? Oh, great, let’s go. We don’t want to be caught on the bridge at midnight. Problem: she did not drink, but drives like a drunk. Nice legs though. We’re in the warehouse and the lights are dimmed and red. What is this place? Nude dancers and jazz band. This is more like it. We drift to midnight saying four words and looking around for some hypothetical girlfriends of hers. We find George instead, he’s with Geneva’s best friend: scumbag. He’s drunk and gets touchy with my new friend… I don’t even know her name. It’s five to midnight and I need to know your name. Jade? Nice. Okay, jade, get away from George, let’s go upstairs and watch the fireworks. This is all very nice. The ball is falling and Jade grabs my arm. It’s 2014 and Jade and I are kissing on a roof somewhere in Brooklyn. This would be the most perfect night in the world: except that I am gay. (and my dog’s name is Rasta)

Rasta Dog

Rasta Dog

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Eric Hill/Global Odyssey Series
Eric came to the realization that he wanted to spend some extensive time traveling after leaving North America the first time to go down to Peru with a few friends. Growing up he was raised as one of six children in a strict religious home. Growing up with a professor father they traveled extensively within the US, he always said from a young child that, some day, he would visit every country in the world. That first time while traveling abroad, he could see why he never felt comfortable following the religion he grew up with, he realized happiness and truth were not exclusive to the belief system he was raised in. These thoughts and ideas have led him to his current quest, to find that awesome exists in every country. Awesome in the form of happiness, adventure, laughter and the quest for something more.

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