The Lost Doodle

Photo ©Icarus Blake

This was the original doodle for this issue, but we loved Mo’s work so much we ended up commissioning her for another article and getting a different artist for the doodle. Not wanting to lose this one to the cutting room floor, we added some color and made it a cover. The writer in the foreground is the likeness of our very own Dime Store Casanova channeling Bukowski with a Christmas twist. In words of the Casanova himself: “Always tip your whores at Christmas”.


Icarus Blake & Max Power: Editors in Chief

Lora Wiley: Managing Editor

Nancy Cooper: Finance Supervisor

Luigi Scarcella: Art Director

Miko Sala: Art Director

Daniel Cardona: Assistant Graphics Designer

Teo J. Babini: Senior Articles Editor

Tiffany Credle: Associate Copy Editor

Andrew Rodriguez: Editorial Producer

Matt Heidkamp: Editorial Producer

Greta Pininfarina: Editor at Large

ePublished by Kodezero NYC

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Contributors to this cover:

Filippo ‘Phil Sick’ Anniballi/The Marshmallow Apocalypse

Italian writer, journalist, and performer, born in 1976. Grew up in New York, and lived between Italy, the U.S., England, and Canada. His stories and essays have appeared in underground magazines such as Thorazine, Catastrophe, and Vice Magazine. He worked for the Big Issue, and published Milingo Contro Tutti (2009), which was GQ Italy’s book of the month in July of the same year. He often appears in projects and short films (turbofilms) by Alterazioni Video impersonating himself and other dubious characters.

Maureen Keeney/The Marshmallow Apocalypse

Maureen Keeney is an illustrator who attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. While trying fruitlessly to pay off her student loans, she draws sometimes to maintain her sanity.

The Dime Store Casanova /The Twelve Days of Christmas (Heresy on the High Seas)

Joe Sonnenblick is an actor and writer, has studied under the tutelage of New York’s dope fiends, pushers, vagrants and women. Thanks to coffee and pot.

Katie Boyd/The Twelve Days of Christmas (Heresy on the High Seas)

 Katie Boyd is a Brooklyn based illustrator who is mostly inspired by her colorful upbringing in Buffalo, NY. Her work varies from to children’s books to costume and fashion illustration. She’s elated to be collaborating with CBK.

Shay Neary/Ginger Meth Lab

Shay Neary is a trans-woman college grad living in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. She currently works at RedFarm in Greenwich Village. She is a newbie to NYC and has an obsession with street food and Starbucks.

Sabrina Cognata/Christmistakes

Sabrina Cognata is a writer, visionary and mistake maker. She’s written for Break Media, Fox Digital Studio, CBS Radio & Huff Post Live! She is also a braggart and lazy as fuck. Hire her as your sex slave so she can dedicate her life to writing full-time or at least your sexual needs.

Nina Verdelli/ The Last X-Mas on Earth

Native Italian, Nina lived in (and fell in love with) New York for two years to complete her Masters Degree in International Relations at NYU. To reconcile her political passion with her ardor for writing, she decided to become a journalist. Work brought her back to Milan, where she’s originally from; and, for the past year, she has been contributing to the Italian magazine AMICA. She likes to think that her “breakup” with the City is just temporary and that, some day soon, she’ll find her way back.

Muriel Attias/Treecycled Fashion

Born in Munich, Germany, raised between Turin, Paris and New York with multicultural background I developed my uncommon sense of style and research for the unusual. Living in London only enhanced my personal taste and enriched my bizarre way of combining common clothes with uncommon objects.

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