Yankee People

It was a sweltering August night. It had been unusual to see Yankee Stadium dressed up for soccer. We were walking across the subway overpass and I looked down. A brownish river of people was moving slowly under us like a gigantic amoeba. It spread until it disappeared into the dark. A smell of spilled sugary drinks and human sweat impregnated the liquid air. We were just a gigantic blob of flesh rolling its way home. Shot with an Olympus xz-1.

Yankee People Photo ©Icarus Blake

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Kyle Kaplan / Wax

Kyle Kaplan is an English major and poetry concentrator at Smith College. She is currently working on a chap book inspired by children’s rhymes. She is also gynocentric.


Lance Steagall / Hard Times in Habana Town

Lance Steagall is a Chicago product living and working in New York City.

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